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With a background in teaching Design & Technology, I love designing and constructing things!  Indeed, when I am not educating others, I am normally busy making something.

In addition to teaching Design & Technology, I am experienced teaching in a museum setting.  Consequently, I have gained an excellent understanding of how children and adults interact with physical objects.

I am pleased to be able to offer my services in the construction of new and exciting educational exhibits. Furthermore, these exhibits can be linked to existing workshops.  Alternatively,  accompanying schemes of work can be written to a given brief.  Please contact me to discuss your requirements.


As the old saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words. Therefore,  I have ensured I have taken photographs of my work throughout construction. The following examples give an idea as to the type of project I have been working on.

Sailing Simulator


A recent project involved designing and constructing a large sailing simulator for use within an  exhibition centre.  The client’s design brief required an exhibit where visitors are able to learn the names of different components. Furthermore, the client requested that visitors should be able to interact with the exhibit through operating various ropes.


In order to meet the requirements of the client’s brief, I first arranged a site visit to determine the maximum dimensions of the piece.  Secondly, I sourced an existing mast to modify.  These modifications included adjusting the mast’s proportions to ensure it would fit within the confines of the centre.

A professional, modern finish was a achieved by applying a high quality vinyl wrap to the mast and boom.

Mark Richards Education - Educational Exhibits - Vinyl Wrap

Mark Richards Education - Educational Exhibits -Vinyl wrap example

Next, an 18mm thick plywood base was made to ensure stability and to enable the rigging to be securely attached.  Furthermore, a hard wearing carpet was applied to give an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Mark Richards Education - Educational Exhibits - project base


Safety as always was an important consideration with educational exhibits.  Consequently, a secure ceiling attachment was provided to ensure the unit could not move. The following photograph shows the display nearing completion in my well equipped workshop.

Mark Richards Education - Educational Exhibits - sailing simulator

 Renewable energy demonstration.


Another project involved a major upgrade to an existing exhibit demonstrating renewable energy.  The existing demonstration was already able to show how the amount of electricity produced from the sun varied.  However, my client wished it to include a visual demonstration of power produced from the wind. Also, my client requested a compact, fully functional control unit that would enable rapid setup at outside events.


Firstly, in order to demonstrate wind power, I constructed a wind turbine testing rig. Participants were able able to attach their own turbine blades to the rig and see the results on a visual display. I achieved this through the use of an Arduino.

Secondly, I constructed a control unit. This was compact unit which contained a number of Arduino micro controllers and associated electronics. Furthermore, it included a number of clearly labelled sockets to enable rapid setup at my clients events.  The following photograph shows the unit with the lid removed.

Mark Richards Education - Educational Exhibits - Controller


Please contact me to discuss how I can help you with the design and manufacture of educational demonstrations for your establishment.

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