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I love learning new skills and sharing those skills with others. That is the main reason I trained to teach. In this page, find out a little more about me.

Over the past few years, I have spent much of my spare time continuing to develop new skills through refurbishing a boat and building a motorhome.

To enable me to share the knowledge gained, I recently launched a website.  Consequently, I am able to explain along with photos and videos how I have completed each stage of the project.

I will give a brief explanation as to the work carried out, however please consider visiting www.vanandboat.com for lots more photos and explanations!


I had always wanted a motorhome.  By late 2016, my car had done almost 170000 miles and was showing its age.  Consequently, I decided to replace the car with a van with the intention of converting it into a motorhome. After some considerable research into appropriate models, I purchased a well maintained vehicle which required a good clean!

Mark Richards Education - About Me - Motorhome Start

Since purchasing the vehicle, I have spent considerable time and effort converting it to a high standard into a fully equipped motorhome.  My motorhome now includes central heating, hot and cold running water, solar power and cooking facilities.

As with every project, there is still work to be done, however I am very proud of how it currently looks.  For more information on this project please visit www.vanandboat.com

Mark Richards Education - About Me - Motorhome Finish


I became interested in sailing after being introduced to the sport by a friend in around 2006. Having raced on a number of occasions I was keen to purchase a sailing boat of my own to enable me to explore further afield.

In early 2015 I finally purchased my own sailing boat.  Since then, I have spent considerable time refurbishing her to a high standard and am now rather proud of her.  In summer 2017 I was finally able to enjoy being out on the water and have undertaken a number of trips around the south.  I am continuing to teach myself the theory and practice of sailing and am looking forward to taking her further afield in the years to come.  Please visit www.vanandboat.com for more information about my boat.

Mark Richards Education - About Me - Boat

My Website!

My most recent learning curve has been that of WordPress to enable me to create both this website and VanandBoat. I have completed each stage myself including designing the logos for branding.  Of course, keen to learn new skills I switched to Linux around 3 years ago. Consequently I am still able to continue to use my trusty laptop well into its 12th year.

Mark Richards Education - About Me - Website

Charity Work

I also regularly volunteer with a charity organisation.  I am proud to have jointly started a charity Santa’s Grotto which continues to grow year on year.  This charity work regularly involves leading large groups of corporate volunteers.  To find out more about this project, please read about Santa’s Grotto here.

Please don’t forget to read about how I can help create Educational Exhibits for your establishment.


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